Episode 20: CASP Member Feature - Thea and Denise

The PodCASP,

On this week's episode, The PodCASP team is joined by two fellow CASP members and parents, Denise and Thea!

Thea Furbert is co-founder of Tomorrow's Voices in Bermuda. She is the mom of Ciré, who was diagnosed in 2000. Thea walks us through the grit that started Tomorrow's Voices, her son getting diagnosed, and current barriers (and possible solutions!) in regard to autism insurance coverage and quality of services in Bermuda.

Denise Bergh is the Chief Operating Officer of BPI in Chicago. She is the mom of Rocky, who was diagnosed in 2010. Denise discusses her son's diagnostic process, how he acquired services, her personal journey to balance as a mom, and a parent's perspective on in-home ABA services.

Both Denise and Thea discuss their journey to CASP and the value it has brought their organizations. Give it a listen to find out everything else in between!

Special thanks to Denise and Thea for being on this episode of The PodCASP!!!