CASP Online CEU Center

CASP is a BACB-Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider. To effectively monitor event participation, collect event feedback, and issue CEU certificates, CASP utilizes a learning platform called Thinkific to host our Online CEU Center. All recorded CASP webinars that are eligible to offer BACB CEU are available as courses on the CEU Center. CASP is also using this platform to provide access to the CASP Organizational Guidelines.

Using Thinkific

  • The same login credentials can be used to access both CEU offerings and the CASP Organizational Guidelines.
  • All purchased content is available for review from your Thinkific Dashboard. 
  • Whether CEU offerings or chapters in the CASP Organizational Guidelines, the Thinkific platform refers to all content as “courses.”  
  • A list of all CEU offerings can be found by selecting “CASP CEU Courses” on the page header.
  • The CASP Organizational Guidelines Table of Contents can be found by selecting “CASP Organizational Guidelines” on the page header.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employees of CASP member organizations are entitled to free CEU offerings and complimentary access to the CASP Organizational Guidelines with a valid coupon code. In most cases, the coupon code will be your organization’s CASP Member ID#. (If you cannot remember your CASP member ID number, please contact your organization administrator or email us at In other cases, you may have been issued a unique coupon code. 

When using a coupon code on this site, you must first select the “Buy” button associated with the course before you will see the option to enter the code.

Once a course has been selected, please click the blue "Buy" button:

  • Then click the highlighted link, "Have a coupon?"
  • Enter your coupon code where indicated and click the blue "Apply" button. 
  • Proceed with checkout.

In these recorded webinars, a series of keywords will appear in the bottom right corner of the video for 20-30 seconds, approximately every 15 minutes.

Please note: there is no audible indication when the keywords appear. Therefore, you will miss the key words if you are only listening to the audio and not watching the video. 

As you are watching, please make a note of all CEU Key Words as they appear. If you don't, you will need to re-watch the entire recording. The total number of CEU Keywords appearing in each webinar can be found immediately below the recording.

Attendees must complete a short quiz and accurately identify all CEU Key Words in order to receive their CEU certificate.

The toolbar (e.g., fast-forward and rewind) has been disabled to prevent users from fast-forwarding past the content to the quiz. This is necessary to comply with the ACE provider requirement to ensure participation in events offering BACB CEU.

A current limitation of this platform is that admins cannot disable fast-forwarding without also disabling rewind. A feature request has been submitted to address this problem. 

However, if you missed a keyword, please allow the recording to run to completion. At this point, a completely functional toolbar should appear. 

No. All recorded CASP webinars (whether eligible to offer CEU or not) are available on the CASP website.

No. Due to Thinkific's default limitations in formatting certificates, in some cases, the webinar name had to be shortened to fit on the certificate. In such cases, the course name on your certificate will appear as the "Short Title," as indicated in the course description.  

Your login credentials for the CASP website are different from those for the Online CEU Center. If you are using the correct login information and are still having trouble, please contact us at, and we will reset the password for you. 

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