CASP SIGs, SAGs and Executive Sections


Special Interest Groups (SIGs), State Advocacy Groups (SAGs) and Executive Sections are sub-groups created to foster communication and collaboration on issues that affect certain segments of the CASP Community.

SIGs and Executive Sections are two different types of sub-groups, as described below.

Executive Sections are designed around people.

They are sub-groups that are designed for one particular person within a member organization. For example:

The Finance Section is for the CFO or the highest financial executive within the organization.

The CEO Section is for the CEO, Executive Director, President, or other highest executive of an organization. 

SIGs are designed around topics.

SIGs are member-led sub-groups that foster communications and collaboration on a particular subject matter that interests any members within CASP. For example:

The Adult Services SIG is for anyone within a CASP member organization who wants to have further conversations about the provision of adult services. A member organization could choose to have more than one employee join the Adult Services SIG (e.g., the executive director, the director of adult services, and the marketing director).

The CentralReach SIG is for anyone within a CASP member organization who is interested in having further conversations about the use of CentralReach for scheduling, billing, data collection, analysis, reporting, etc.

SAGs are state-based.

CASP hosts a SAG for each state and the District of Columbia. 

SAGs are led by volunteer members who have received advocacy training from CASP's Vice President of Government Affairs, Mariel Fernandez, and serve to coordinate public policy and advocacy efforts unique to each state. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hold periodic conference calls to foster communication and collaboration within the Section or SIG.
  • Host a breakout session at the CASP annual conference.
  • Produce a webinar, whitepaper, or other forms of substantive content for CASP members.
  • Offer continuing education (CEU) opportunities to CASP members.
  • Recommend speakers and support the submission of proposals for presentations in appropriate interest areas at the CASP conference.

The All CASP group is open to all employees of CASP Member organizations to share information and collaborate. The All-CASP group may be used to discuss topics related to the operational and clinical activities of an autism service provider organization -- within the boundaries of our community guidelines.

The All CASP group is not limited to executives. The Executive Sections group and its subgroups are intended for executive-level conversations.

The function of the CASP Executive Listserv is now being served by the Executive Sections group and its subgroups. Executive Sections is a forum reserved for executive-level conversations. Members of any of the subgroups (e.g., CEOs, Finance) are automatically enrolled in the parent Executive Sections group.


  • ABA as a Career (NEW)
  • Hospital-Based-Providers
  • ABA as an IEP Service
  • Insurance and Medicaid
  • Billing Section
  • Adult Programs
  • Multi-Specialty Practices
  • CEO Section
  • Assent (NEW)
  • Nonprofits
  • Clinical Directors
  • Business Operating Systems
  • Profound Autism
  • Compliance
  • Caregiver Collaboration
  • Promoting ABA
  • Development
  • Client Outcomes
  • Residential
  • Finance
  • Credentialing
  • Schools
  • Human Resources
  • Diversity
  • SIG Leaders
  • Marketing
  • Documentation
  • Small Providers
  • Operations
  • Employment-Vocational
  • Telehealth
  • Ethics
  • Therapy Brands
  • HCBS
  • Tricare
  • Home Based Services
  • Working with Medical Professionals (NEW)

Download a description of each SIG and Executive Section, including each group's short-term goals.

Download Descriptions

The CASP SIGs and Executive Sections were created for employees of CASP Member organizations. Although some Executive Sections are designed to be limited to certain roles within a member organization, all employees of a CASP Member Organization can participate in the All CASP Group and any CASP SIG.

Although some Executive Sections are designed to be limited to certain roles within a member organization, all employees of a CASP Member Organization can participate in any CASP SIG.

CASP recognizes that collaboration with other stakeholders in the autism community regarding certain SIG topics can be very productive. The CASP Affiliate programs provide an opportunity for valued members of the autism community at large to collaborate with CASP Members.

At the recommendation of the CASP Membership Committee (whose responsibilities include oversight of the CASP Affiliate programs), the CASP Board of Directors approved CASP Affiliates to participate in SIGs at the discretion of the SIG Leaders. Employees of CASP Affiliate organizations can not participate in the All CASP Group or Executive Sections.

Who can participate in CASP Community Subgroups?
*at the discretion of the SIG leader(s)

When requesting to join a SIG, CASP Affiliates must submit a statement of interest for consideration by the SIG Leader. In addition, CASP Business Affiliates must attest that

  • they will not solicit CASP Members,
  • they will not contact CASP Members through the private chat feature,
  • they will not promote products or services, and
  • they will not disparage CASP Member organizations or other CASP Affiliates

Violation of any of these attestations will result in removal from the CASP Community.

Please Note: Users can quickly determine the Membership versus Affiliate status of participants in the CASP Community in the group directory.

Getting Started

SIGs, SAGs, and Sections are hosted on our member engagement platform called Forj (previously known as Mobilize). Access to the CASP Community requires that you are logged into the CASP website and recognized as associated with a CASP Member or Affiliate organization.

Once logged in, you can join the conversation by:

  1. Clicking the "Community" icon in the top-right corner of the CASP website or
  2. From the SIGs and Sections tab in the menu bar > "Find your community"
  3. Here is a link to a short tutorial to help you join a SIG and make a post. 

Find Your Community

For a brief overview of the Mobilize platform, please download “Getting Started with Mobilize".