CASP Mission Awards

Nominated by CASP members, the CASP Mission Awards are presented at the annual CASP Conference and recognize individuals who have materially contributed to the mission of CASP.

2024 CASP Mission Award Recipients

Member Award

Non-Member Award

From Kristen's nomination form...

"Kristen serves as one of the CASP representatives to the ABA Coding Coalition. She chairs and contributes to several CASP Special Interest Groups, and recently led the effort to develop a CASP resource to support autism service provider organizations after a natural disaster. Kristen is professional, dedicated, caring, hard-working, and humble. So many CASP members and the autism community at large benefit from her contributions without realizing the credit she is due."

From Dan's nomination form...

"Dan Unumb’s deep legal expertise, intuitive feel for advocacy, and compassion for others have made a positive difference in the lives of autistic persons and their families nationally and internationally. His contributions have been felt everywhere autism intersects with real-world contingencies: laws and regulations, funding, case law, clinical practice, public policy, and most of all, families. As part of this work, Dan has been an outstanding educator and mentor to others, ensuring that these impacts reverberate. As is often the case with those passionate about making the world a better place, Dan brings out the best in those fortunate to work alongside him."

Past Recipients

Award Criteria

Member Award
  • Nominees must be an executive or employee of a current CASP Member organization
  • Nominees must not be member of the CASP Board of Directors
  • Nominees must have materially contributed to the advancement of CASP’s mission and vision e.g., via
    • SIG or Section leadership
    • significant role as a member of a CASP committee
    • contribution to production of a CASP resource (e.g., TH practice parameters, Organizational Guidelines, ABA Practice Guidelines)
    • webinars
Non-Member Award
  • Nominees must be individuals who are not employed by a CASP Member organization.
  • Nominees have materially contributed to the advancement of CASP’s mission and vision by e.g.,
    • being a consistent source of valuable information via webinars or other means to support CASP member organizations
    • promoting the benefits of CASP membership to relevant stakeholders


If you would like to nominate someone (either a CASP member or non-member) for a CASP Mission Award, please submit your nomination below. The CASP Conference Committee will review all completed applications and make recommendations to CASP leadership for a final decision.

Please Note:

  1. Only executives and employees of active CASP Member organizations can submit a nomination for the CASP Mission Award.
  2. Nominations for consideration for the 2024 Annual CASP Conference must be received by March 31st, 2025 (Nominations received after this date will be considered for the 2026 CASP Conference)

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