Episode 11: MiniCASP - Get to Know Host: Naa Garrido

The PodCASP,

Get to know host, Naa Garrido
Please join us to hear more about one of your PodCASP hosts, Naa Garrido. Naa is the Owner and CEO of Galena Autism and Behavioral Services (GABS) and is a current CASP Board Member. Learn about her journey to applied behavior analysis, her membership in CASP, and what makes her passionate about the field in this 13-minute episode.

In this episode, Naa discusses:

  • Naa’s professional experience before entering the ABA field.
  • What led Naa to ABA and to obtain her BCBA?
  • Impactful moments that highlight service gaps and needs.
  • GABS and its services.
  • And her meaningful initiation into the CASP Membership!