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To be considered for CASP membership, organizations must demonstrate a commitment to promoting and delivering established evidence-based services for autistic individuals. Criteria for CASP membership are:

  • The organization employs providers who directly implement established evidence-based services to diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD), promote skill development, and/or address maladaptive behaviors associated with the diagnosis of ASD.
  • The organization employs providers who maintain the proper credentials, training, and experience to deliver a given service.
  • The organization delivers services under an educational, behavioral, or medical model.
  • The organization does NOT promote or implement unestablished services for ASD.

Components of established evidence-based services include, but are not limited to, the following:1

  • The delivery of services is guided by published research in peer-reviewed journals and in keeping with the general consensus of the related field.
  • Ongoing services are adapted as new findings are published in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Objective data are collected and used to measure progress and guide clinical decision-making for the purpose of providing effective intervention and meaningful outcomes.

Membership criteria updated December 13, 2023

If your organization is not eligible for CASP Membership, but you would like to be part of the CASP community, please explore our Affiliate programs.


One of the most valuable benefits of CASP Membership is the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded leaders of autism service provider organizations. CASP represents the best and brightest providers of autism services in the world.

Other exclusive benefits of CASP membership include the following:

    • Advocacy and public policy support
    • Access to over 30 active Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Sections.
    • exclusive access to Juniper's proprietary payor rate data asset
    • Leadership development
    • Free registration for CASP webinars and BACB CEU-bearing courses on the CASP Online CEU Center for all employees of CASP Member Organizations
    • Member-only discounts on select CASP Business Affiliate products and services
    • Access to the CASP Senior Executive Listserv
    • Free access to the CASP Organizational Guidelines (an $810 value)
    • Discounted registrations to the CASP Annual Conference
    • Frequent networking opportunities, e.g., the monthly "All CASP Call."

Member Benefits updated April 27, 2023


Annual CASP membership dues are based on the organization's annual revenue, as described below in Table 1. Annual revenue reported in the membership application is subject to confirmation by the CASP Membership Manager's review of the applicant organization's financial statement. 

Table 1.

Gross Annual Revenue 2024 Annual Membership Dues*
< $5 million $2,060
$5 - $10 million $3,605
$10 - $20 million $5,150
$20 - $30 million $7,725
> $30 million $10,300

*International Applicants

Annual membership dues for autism service provider organizations based outside the United States are discounted. Discounts are based on whether The World Bank categorizes the country as having a 

      • “high-income economy” (10% discount)
      • “upper-middle income economy” (30% discount)
      • “lower-middle income economy” (50% discount), or
      • “low-income economy” (70% discount).

Discounts are applied based on The World Bank categorization on the date the application is received. 

The Application Process

Applications are reviewed by the CASP Membership Committee (CMC). Membership applications will be reviewed by the CMC within a reasonable timeframe, not to exceed 45 days. Upon approval of the application, annual membership dues will be invoiced and are due upon receipt. 

If an organization's application for membership is not approved, CASP will provide a written rationale regarding the decision of the CMC. Membership in CASP is ultimately at the discretion of the CASP Board of Directors. 

Apply Today

If you would like to become a CASP Member Organization, please submit the following information:

    1. Submit your organization's most recent Form 990 or another official financial statement of annual revenue to CASP's Membership Manager (Kimberly McGillan). Encrypted emails and secure attachments can be sent to CASP by uploading them here. Membership applications will not be considered without this information. Financial documents submitted to the CASP Membership Manager are considered confidential and are not shared with anyone outside the CASP leadership team. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Kimberly at  
    2. Select the "Join as a Member Organization" button below and complete the application. An invoice will be sent upon approval of the application and verification of the applicant's annual revenue.

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  1. *Adapted from the Association for Science in Autism Treatment