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Comparing Effects of In-Person and Remote Supervision on RBT Treatment Integrity & Child Behavior

Comparing Effects of In-Person and Remote Supervision on RBT Treatment Integrity & Child Behavior

Recorded June 14, 2022


Though the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges related to securing and maintaining access to applied behavior analysis (ABA) intervention for children with autism, it also brought forth an opportunity to evaluate changes in treatment and supervision modalities, the intensity of treatment, and overall access to intervention on outcomes.

For many ABA agencies, insurance-funded medically necessary ABA has changed in many ways since the onset of the pandemic and brought a need for effective supervision of programs. One way to meet the increased needs is in the form of Telehealth or remote supervision. This study examines the effects of in-person and remote supervision, determining that remote supervision is as effective as in-person supervision on RBT Integrity and child behavior.

Join Dr. Farley as she examines the overall effects of both in-person and remote supervision, identifies pre-Covid Telehealth research, identifies barriers related to ABA-based Telehealth, and pinpoints areas of need for future research.


  • Identify pre-Covid telehealth research
  • Identify barriers related to ABA-based telehealth services
  • Compare in-person and remote supervision on RBT TI
  • Compare in-person and remote supervision on child behavior
  • Pinpoint areas of need for future telehealth research.


Britt Farley

Dr. Britt Farley is a Doctorate Level Board-Certified Behavior Analyst with a Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is the Co-Owner and CEO of K-Now Behavioral Solutions and has spent the last decade practicing, researching, and teaching in the field of behavior analysis. Her research has focused on telehealth in the field of ABA, remote staff training, and military-affiliated individuals.

Dr. Farley has been a peer reviewer for Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice, presented for state, national, and international organizations, and provided webinars, training, and continuing education opportunities. She is licensed in Nevada and Texas. Dr. B is a part of the adjunct faculty in the ABA department at Pepperdine University, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and Capella University. Dr. B is an active member of the Telehealth and Tricare CASP SIGs and the President-elect of NMABA. She is also a member of APBA, OBM Network, ABAI, and IDABA.

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