CASP is collaborating with the California Association for Behavior Analysis (CalABA) to ensure providers can continue to provide essential applied behavior analysis (ABA) services for people with autism.


Unfortunately, access to ABA services in California is increasingly under threat. Extremely low reimbursement rates have remained stagnant since the passage of the autism insurance law more than ten years ago. This, in combination with dramatically increasing provider costs (including wages, mileage, and overall inflation), has proved catastrophic.

While payers continually indicate that their networks are adequate, providers are experiencing substantial barriers to hiring under the current workforce conditions.  As a result, many families are languishing on wait lists or are not accessing the hours prescribed as medically necessary. Rate negotiations in California have been a non-starter, with payers frequently closing networks or declining negotiations. 

Here's How You Can Help
Provider Advocacy: Rate and Network Capacity Surveys 

Accountability and transparency are essential to address this crisis. Because of this, CASP and CalABA have created two provider surveys. It is important that providers complete both surveys.

CASP Survey

CalABA Survey 

(Please note that survey data related to rates are confidential and will only be seen and aggregated by non-provider CASP staff.) 

Family Engagement: Accessing ABA Services in California

Family engagement is instrumental in effecting change with the current barriers to accessing ABA services. Please distribute the caregiver survey found below to current clients and those contacting you for services. 

Caregiver Survey in English

Survey en Español

Contact your Regulators

It also is critical for regulators to hear directly from families about the difficulties they face when accessing ABA services. 

To assist with this, CASP has provided information about how to contact regulators for both commercial and Medi-Cal plans. Please share the flyer with any families experiencing difficulties accessing services and ask them to take action.

Family Action English

Family Action en Español
Please contact with any questions.