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ABA Businesses and Client Transportation

A Success Story

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM (EDT)

Hosted on Zoom

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Many ABA companies have recognized that transportation can often become a barrier to service delivery. Clinic-based providers often note that missed appointments are common for families that have transportation challenges.

As a result, many ABA business owners have considered whether to offer transportation services to client families and if it presents ethical concerns that conflict with BACB guidelines.

Dan and Ally Dube, our presenters, will present a case study of the successful transportation program they set up for their New Hampshire-based ABA company, Compass Innovative Behavior Strategies (now Patterns Behavioral Services). Their transportation division had a fleet of 7 vans, providing special needs transportation to 4 clinic locations across southern New Hampshire and to special needs schools in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Dan will focus on the business case for moving into transportation, and the logistics for setting up and maintaining the staffing, safety, and financial aspects of the business model. Ally will discuss the ethical guidelines that were observed to ensure that this model was in full compliance with BACB ethical code guidelines.


This webinar is specifically designed for ABA business owners interested in understanding the logistical and ethical concerns of providing medical transportation for ABA services.

Throughout the session, the panel will provide valuable insights into various transportation options, emphasizing adherence to the Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts (BACB, 2022). Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of scheduling logistics, financial responsibilities, methods for mitigating potential conflicts of interest, and assessing the risks and benefits associated with offering transportation services.

Additionally, the panel will address the development of transportation standard operating procedures that align with industry best practices. By the end of the webinar, business owners will have acquired a deeper understanding of the considerations involved in offering transportation services to ABA consumers.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the ethical considerations of providing medical transportation for ABA services.
  2. Evaluate the impact of providing medical transportation, which promotes the client's access to care.
  3. Analyze the potential risks and benefits of providing medical transportation for ABA services.
  4. Develop policies and procedures that align with ethical standards for transportation services.

This webinar offers 1.0 BACB Ethics CEU.


  • CASP Members - free
  • non-members - $15

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Michael Wasmer
Michael Wasmer
Council of Autism Service Providers


Dan Dube

Dan is a serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the publishing and healthcare industries. In 2005, he was co-founder and CEO of DocZone, the publishing industry's first cloud-based content management, language translation and automated multilingual publishing platform. DocZone had a successful exit in 2009 after being acquired by RSI Content Solutions, where Dan stayed on for 3 years as Executive Vice President.

In 2013, Dan co-founded Compass Innovative Behavior Strategies with his wife, Ally, and served as CEO. Within 7 years, Compass became the largest ABA provider in the state of New Hampshire, with 4 clinic locations and over 150 employees, serving hundreds of families in that time span. Compass is an award-winning company, gaining recognition from NH Business Magazine as the #1 Fastest Growing Family Owned Business in 2019 and the #1 Company to Watch for 2020. Compass was acquired by Patterns Behavioral Services in 2021.

In 2023, Dan and his wife Ally launched ABA Growth Team, an executive coaching and training firm dedicated to helping ABA business owners to start, manage, and scale their ABA companies. For more information, please visit

Ally Dube

Ally Dube, M.S, BCBA, LABA, is a licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has demonstrated proven success with the use of creative treatment approaches to challenging behaviors.

Prior to board certification in 2015, Ally worked in the ABA field for 15 years. Ally has experience working with individuals of all ages and populations with a wide variety of communication abilities.

In 2013, Ally co-founded Compass Innovative Behavior Strategies, a multidisciplinary New Hampshire-based behavioral health provider, where she served as the Chief Clinical Officer. Compass became the largest ABA service provider in NH, with 4 clinic locations, 150+ employees, serving hundreds of families. Compass was an award-winning company, gaining recognition from NH Business Magazine as the #1 Fastest Growing Family Owned Business in 2019 and the #1 Company to Watch for 2020.

Ally also served as President of the NHABA Chapter from 2020-2022, and she has been a mentor at Simmons University and an Adjunct Professor at Antioch University New England. In both teaching roles, Ally led Applied Behavior Analysis coursework for graduate students pursuing board certification.