Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I participate in the California State Advocacy Group (SAG)?

All employees of CASP member organizations can participate in any SAG, SIG or Section of interest. These groups are hosted on CASP’s member engagement platform.  Please view this short tutorial to join the conversation.

SAG meeting dates are posted on the CASP Events Calendar.

2. How are public policy issues prioritized within the SAG?

State Advocacy Groups are member-led and member-driven. The SAG leader(s) facilitate the conversation with SAG members, and the members determine which policy issues should be prioritized.

The SAG leader(s) share their group’s priorities with CASP’s Government Affairs team, and if consistent with CASP’s mission, these priorities are relayed to the dedicated lobbyist.

3. Will CASP and the CASP lobbyist collaborate with other state advocacy organizations in California (e.g., CalABA)?


Collaboration and coordination with all stakeholders are critical to any advocacy effort.

CASP appreciates that there are other organizations in California that represent either individual autism service providers (e.g., CalABA) or individual provider organizations. In many cases, these other organizations may have their own dedicated lobbyists.

Often times other organizations’ priorities will align with CASP’s and a collaborative effort will be key to success. But if priorities don’t align, it is critical that CASP member organizations are well-represented and their priorities are being championed in Sacramento. A professional lobbyist can skillfully navigate these situations.

4. If a member organization cannot contribute to funding a lobbyist, can that organization still participate in the SAG discussions?


Participation in the SAG is open to all CASP members.

5. If Organization A contributes more than Organization B, does Organization A’s opinion carry more weight in decision-making within the SAG?


The amount of individual contributions will not be published. Contributions are made with the understanding that organizations are contributing to the collective benefit of all CASP member organizations operating in California as represented by the CASP California SAG. Decisions within the SAG will be made democratically.

6. What is the deadline to contribute?

 If possible, please take action before Friday, February 16th.

7. Will I be asked to remit my contribution immediately?

Upon completion of the Contribution Form, an invoice will be generated on the CASP website and appear in your Member Compass. Due to the time sensitivity, we do ask that you remit your payment as soon as possible. 

8. What if we don’t meet the $60,000 goal and cannot engage a lobbyist?

If we do not collect enough money to fund a lobbyist in California, all collected contributions will be fully refunded.

9. Will I be able to contact the lobbyist for updates?

To avoid miscommunication, it is critical that there be a single point of contact between CASP and the lobbyist. That point of contact will be Mariel Fernandez, Vice President of Government Affairs. Mariel will be in regular communication with the SAG leaders to communicate progress and will foster opportunities for SAG members to engage directly with the lobbyist.

10. Can organizations that are not CASP members contribute to the lobbyist fund?

Yes. CASP welcomes contributions from all California providers.

11. How can non-members participate in the conversation?

Non-members are welcome share their legislative priorities directly with CASP's Vice President of Government Affairs, Mariel Fernandez.

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