Attend Behavior

Attend|Behavior is a Mobile Solution Designed to Help Families Reach Their Full Potential.

Attend’s research-based learning content includes 13 instructional courses that consist of bite-sized lessons with fun interactive activities and videos that enhance the caregiver’s learning experience. Unique to Attend is a suite of personalized coaching tools that help caregivers convert their new learning into everyday habits at home. Attend includes evidence-based, behaviorally oriented learning courses for caregivers as well as tools that have been designed to support the implementation of the practices taught in the courses. In all, Attend Behavior is a structured curriculum designed to facilitate generalization of important caregiving skills.

Based on the RUBI Program for Disruptive Behavior

The learning courses in Attend Behavior are based on the RUBI program for disruptive behavior, an evidence-based program designed by a team of researchers at several of the country’s leading pediatric health systems, including Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, the Marcus Autism Center at Emory, and Nationwide’s Pediatric System. You can learn a bit more about us at The RUBI caregiver training program has been subjected to a series of rigorous clinical trials. The results show significant improvement across domains, and the program has been included in Oxford’s Programs that Works series.

Increased Visibility, Reduced Response Effort, and Professional Growth

Clinicians working with caregivers using Attend|Behavior have access to our clinician portal, which allows them to remotely support their clients during the learning process, provides increased visibility into the caregiver engagement process, and makes it easy to monitor behavioral outcomes. The Attend Behavior clinician portal also includes a wide array of training and implementation tools to help clinicians use the application successfully and grow professionally. Organizational administrators also have access to tools that can help them monitor, incentivize, and increase effective utilization of family guidance.

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