About ABA

Most CASP member organizations provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) services. The effectiveness of ABA for the challenges faced by many autistic people has been well-documented in research that meets the rigorous standards of the American Medical Association.1 

ABA services for the treatment of autism are covered in most fully insured health plans in all 50 states, Federal Employee Health Benefit plans, TRICARE, most self-funded health benefit plans, and under the EPSDT benefit of Medicaid.

As the prevalence of autism continues to rise2, the demand for ABA and other autism services continues to grow. As such, ABA has been subject to considerable scrutiny, particularly in social media, where misinformation can quickly spread. As the trade association for autism service providers who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting and providing evidence-based services for people with autism, CASP welcomes the opportunity to listen to stakeholders and engage in respectful dialogue. 

With input from CASP members and autistic adults who received ABA services as children, CASP has produced educational "Frequently Asked Questions about ABA" documents for both healthcare professionals and consumers.

Facts for Consumers

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