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Where do you go for the most important conversations in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and the autism community? The PodCASP is your source for insightful content and debate in the field of ABA and related topics.

Whatever your role – owner or administrator of an autism service provider organization, ABA or other autism services provider, self-advocate, family member, autism advocate, investor or funder – we’ll get you to the heart of issues.

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Join your PodCASP and CASP teams for this special episode. We exchange gifts (virtually) from all over the country and open in real time while discussing our favorite holiday traditions and maybe a few confessions…. Special thanks to Lorri Unumb, Kimberly Porth and Mike Wasmer (in spirit) for joining us!

We are wishing all of our listeners a Happy Holiday and joyful New Year!  See you in 2023!


Dr. Tyra Sellers is a Renaissance woman in our field: she has her law degree in addition to her BCBA-D. Her job stints include assistant professor at Utah State University, owning P&L’s at large, multi-state ABA providers, Director of Ethics at the BACB and she was very recently announced as the incoming CEO of APBA. Using discomfort as a learning opportunity (we ask the same of our clients!) How to use the ethics code in context: don’t weaponize it How it’s possible that “one person speaking up” in an organization can make all the difference (and the sub-section of ethics called “behavioral ethics”) Tyra’s thoughts on the future of our field Chrysanthemums.


Join us to hear about one of your PodCASP hosts, Jonathan Mueller. Jonathan is the co-founder of Ascend Behavior Partners and Element RCM. He brings a unique perspective to autism services that is dynamic, progressive and insightful. Jonathan is a great listener, passionate about his workand a motivator to all! In this episode Jonathan discusses:

  • His entry to the field
  • His approach to staying connected in the field
  • Why he prioritizes culture in his organizations
  • The need for Element RCM
  • His drive to help others- especially in the field of autism services
  • And more!

Episode: 14

Aaron Blocher-Rubin is the Founder and CEO of Arizona Autism United (AZA United). Aaron is passionate about high-quality and family-centered services. Along with our hosts, he discusses how high-quality services are delivered and where some organization’s practices fall short.

Why Listen?
Aaron discusses:

  • His history with AZA United
  • Protecting access to care Individualization of services
  • Empowering families ABA then and now
  • His opinions on PE-backed companies in ABA
  • Current issues in the field and solutions, and more!

Episode: 13

Join us to hear about one of your PodCASP hosts, Natesh Kumar. Natesh entered the field of ABA in 2015 with tons of business expertise in other industries and companies. He is passionate about quality services, the people he surrounds himself with, and the art of true provider collaboration.

In this episode, Natesh discusses:

  • His unique entry to the field of ABA
  • How he is able to keep up with all things “clinical.”
  • Focusing on employees and quality of services
  • His interests and early influences
  • And so much more!


In today’s episode, The PodCASP team sits down with Molly Ola Pinney, Founder, and CEO of the Global Autism Project. The Global Autism project trains and supports partners worldwide to provide services to individuals with autism. Molly founded the Global Autism Project (at 23 years old!) in Africa and now provides services in 14 countries!

Why listen? Molly discusses:

  • How and why the Global Autism Project was started
  • The need for community Global Autism Project’s current projects and initiatives
  • Skillcorps as an eye-opening and transformative experience
  • Doing with, not for,
  • And so much more!

Episode: 11

Get to know host, Naa Garrido
Please join us to hear more about one of your PodCASP hosts, Naa Garrido. Naa is the Owner and CEO of Galena Autism and Behavioral Services (GABS) and is a current CASP Board Member. Learn about her journey to applied behavior analysis, her membership in CASP, and what makes her passionate about the field in this 13-minute episode.

In this episode, Naa discusses:

  • Naa’s professional experience before entering the ABA field.
  • What led Naa to ABA and to obtain her BCBA?
  • Impactful moments that highlight service gaps and needs.
  • GABS and its services.
  • And her meaningful initiation into the CASP Membership!

Episode: 10

Effectively Leading Change Initiatives through ABA Organizations with Breanne Hartley

Little Star’s Chief Clinical Officer, Breanne Hartley, PhD, BCBA-D, joins The PodCASP on today’s episode. Within her organization, Breanne and her team have heavily focused on methods to facilitate change initiatives. As the field of ABA is ever-changing and progressing, this discussion is insightful and relevant to other organization leaders.

Why Listen? Breanne discusses:

  • The need for change within the field of ABA
  • How she has led various change initiatives
  • How ABA organizations can set themselves up for success
  • Problem-solving during times of change
  • And, so much more!


Mini CASP: Perspective, Experience, and Luck with Joanne Gerenser, Ph.D.

Please join your PodCASP hosts at the Autism Law Summit in October of 2021 when they sat down with Dr. Joanne Gerenser, PhD. Joanne is the Executive Director of the Eden II Programs, a Speech Pathologist, a founding and current board member for CASP, and so much more. She has over 35 years of experience working in the field and has been largely recognized for her amazing contributions to the autism community. The PodCASP team loved every minute we spent with Joanne – she’s engaging, fun, and brings the best energy to everyone and everything she does!


Juneteenth: A Conversation with Naa Ameley Garrido, and some of her closest friends and family

Happy Juneteenth! Also known as Freedom Day, National Independence Day, Emancipation Day (TX), or Black Independence Day, Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the confederate states. Although President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, violent exploitation of enslaved African Americans continued in many confederate states, including Texas. On June 19th, 1865 the Union Army established authority over Texas and enforced the emancipation of slaves. The following year, the first “Juneteenth” celebration was organized to recognize freedom from slavery in the U.S.

In this mini PodCASP episode, you will hear an engaging conversation between CASP Board Member and PodCASP host, Naa Ameley Garrido, and some of her closest friends and family: Dr. Nadielka ‘Nadi’ Bishop, Dr. Erica Foh, Dennis Mitchell, MBA, PMP, and Lamley Lawson (student at Yale University School of Medicine). Topics include how and when they first learned about Juneteenth, their efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, plus some practical tips drawn from their experiences that listeners can easily implement in their workplaces.

Our guests share their personal experiences with ongoing systemic racism in medicine, law enforcement, education, and other social structures. Neurodiverse BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) individuals, clinicians, administrators, and family members experience similar challenges as they attempt to access or provide quality ABA services in their communities. Enjoy and please feel free to share your experiences and feedback at

Episode: 07

Acquisitions, Intentional Growth, and Problatunities

In 2009, Lani Fritts co-founded Trumpet Behavioral Health. Since that time, he has been active in the ABA provider community, advocating for access to services and developing and sharing organizational and clinical standards. Lani was a founding (and current) board member and the first treasurer of CASP. Our PodCASP hosts were delighted to sit down with Lani at the most recent CASP Conference in Portland!


MiniCASP – Moving The Field Forward with Dr. Eric Larsson
Dr. Eric Larsson is a living legend in our field: Executive Director of the Lovaas Institute-Midwest, longtime CASP board member, a contributor to the Autism Commission on Quality, and avid kayaker. Tune in to bask in Dr. Larsson’s wisdom as he chats about the opportunities and challenges facing our field.


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The Autism Commission on Quality

In 2022 the Autism Commission on Quality (ACQ) launched organizational standards to improve the quality, effectiveness, and outcomes of applied behavior analysis services for individuals and families negatively impacted by autism. Dr. Erick Dubuque helps us understand what this means for our field.


Riding Shotgun on a Parent’s Autism Journey

Want to understand a parent’s autism journey? Leslie Robinson had concerns about her daughter’s development starting at 15 months old. She takes us through her emotional, mental and physical journey: from concern to diagnosis to treatment to the profound impacts her family.


Treatment Access Through Technology

What do you get combining a behavioral health provider with a people-first mindset and deep technology acumen? Elemy (formerly Sprout Therapy). Our conversation with Founder & CEO Yury Yakubchyk unpacks Elemy’s quest to transform pediatric behavioral health.


You Never Stop Learning

Heather O’Shea, Ph.D., BCBA-D, and President of Verbal Behavior Associates, joins our first mini-CASP to discuss lessons learned and staying grounded.


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Making the World a Better Place

A conversation with Lorri Unumb, CEO of CASP. Lorri discusses her personal connection to autism, what helping make life better for people with autism means to her, and how focusing on collaboration equates to positive outcomes for families impacted by autism.